Pleased as punch to announce the launch of the Michiana LGBT Hub. Sign up for free at

I created the Michiana LGBT Hub with the intention of providing a place for my friends, and their friends to collaborate and organize the local community. I have hopes that the Michiana LGBT Hub will expand as a social network and serve as an alternative to the increasingly monstrous Facebook.

As a Gen X’er I remember getting on Bulletin Board Systems with my dial-up modem. The systems administrator was a guy in your home town with a server in his basement. Every month there were be a BBQ at his place. There were no ads. It was a “personal” social network. My intention is the same here.

Here you can create your own “spaces” based on interests or topics and interact with other members in a typically “social media” way. Feel free to explore. The getting started guides are a great way to see what all is available here.

I will continue to develop and add new features. Sign up. Try it out. Please feel free to message me with any suggestions you might have.