Nathan & Mark Smith-Manley's
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Ham Radio Operators
Nathan M Smith-Manley, KC8MTQ &
Mark R Smith-Manley, KE8HAS/2W0RMR
QTH: Chikaming Twp, Michigan EN61PU

Current Time and Weather
In Berrien County, Michigan

50.0 °f, Fair
Flood Warning issued October 27 at 11:19AM EDT until October 29 at 8:00PM EDT by NWS
Wednesday, October 27 2021, 01:34 PM

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Our cryptocurrency Marx Token (named after Mark)
can be traded on PancakeSwap.

Marx Token is a Binance Smart Chain token that promotes income equality by leveraging a 6% tax on transaction fees which is distributed automatically to all holders.

BSC Contract: 0x445bab5489b20f84a372e907ef0dff778815f304 9 Decimals

Remote Online Notary

Nate Notary clients are now being serviced by Notary Live
Nate is no longer accepting notary clients.
(269) 649-8333

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Nathan serves as an officer on the
Michigan Democratic Party 6th District Federal Committee

The Police

End the Police State. Defend Democracy and Justice!
Hire and promote LGBTQ and Minority Police Officers.
Stop racial profiling. Ban the use of excessive force.
Stop prosecuting mental illness.
Defend the castle doctrine.

Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness for All Americans

Looking for genealogical research?
Nathan's Family Tree is now on:


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